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BY Lee Hershfield | PBG Lifestyle Magazine | July 14, 2015

Some days you’re just lucky enough that everyone you encounter is delightful. One could easily posit the notion that good fortune has rained upon you and that’s fair enough – though visiting Artisans on the Ave Gallery in Lake Worth, one surmises that it’s just the right people who rain good fortune upon you. Such was the case at the, “My Father – My Friend” Father’s Day exhibition at Artisans on the Ave.

Artisans on the Ave kicked off Father’s Day weekend Friday evening with a diverse and stunning array of artists who presented a selection of exquisite art that prompted browsers and buyers to laugh, cry and exhibit visages that spoke to the perfection of their choices for dear old Dad; their gallery visit a resounding success.

Linda Manganaro and Betty Wilson are the welcoming and vivacious partners who own Artisans on the Ave, located at 630 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. Robert Hunter, whose medium is exotic wood, had said this to say about Linda and Betty: “Linda and Betty are full time about us [the artisans]; they’re great. It’s rare, you don’t meet that [their dedication to their artisans] in a lot of people.”

As working artists themselves, Manganaro and Wilson engender unique relationships with the artists that exhibit at their gallery. “We are really for the artists,” said Manganaro. “By being artists, we know how hard it is to make a living with art. So what we do is try to be as generous as we can with our artists. We also share some of our earnings with charities … we’re for the community. And we love working together.”

Male featured artists included: John McCoy, Robert ben Kline, James McLean, Robert Hunter, Dennis Tishkowsky, Barry Friedman, Al Abraskin, Howard Fleischer, Wilmer Gallego, Rick Eggert, EJ Morales, Jessie Showalter, Boaz Kimelman, Dr. Herb Brofsky, Ray Gross and Kelly Dean Manganaro. Manganaro and Wilson invited several wonderful female artists as well; wine and cheese was served.

For more information about the work and the fine artists, please email info@artistansontheave.com, call them at (561) 762-8162 or visit www.artisansontheave.com.