Request for Proposals: #11-1-19 Relocation of Five Contributing Residential Structures - Located in Old Town Historic District of Downtown Lake Worth Beach


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Over the past two years, the City and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) have assembled 1.27 acres in the historic Downtown. The 1.27 acres is currently comprised of 9 platted parcels. These parcels are bounded on the west by South ‘L’ Street, on the east by South ‘M’ Street and on the south by 1st Avenue South. The goal is to encourage a mixed-use development containing residential and commercial uses in addition to necessary public or private parking. These uses are expected to provide much-needed, market rate housing and stimulate economic development and investment in the City’s downtown core. This development helps the CRA meet redevelopment goals including infill development, redeveloping underutilized and non-performing properties, consolidating retail, office and residential units in the downtown and bringing more residential downtown to create customer base and walkability.

The Lake Worth Beach CRA is accepting proposals for the purchase, relocation, and rehabilitation of five (5) historic residential structures currently located in the Old Town Historic District. The properties, 24, 26, 30 and 32 are located on South ‘L’ Street in the City of Lake Worth Beach and are all contributing structures to the Old Town Historic District. These properties were acquired as part of a larger redevelopment strategy and require relocation.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals to take ownership of, relocate, restore and preserve these homes. Preference will be given to applicants who own a lot in a historic district in the City of Lake Worth Beach. We request that all homes remain within City boundaries, if possible. These homes are offered on an as- is basis and are considered in fair condition. Historic design guidelines and building inspection reports are available and can be picked-up at the CRA office for a fee, if requested.

10:00 AM at HATCH 1121


For a copy of the document in its entirity, call 561-493-2550 or email your request.
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