Invitation for Bids #03-1-2022: Demo Foundation, Structure, Asbestos Removal and Lot Clearing



The Lake Worth Beach CRA, has an existing immediate need for the complete demolition of structures, asphalt (unless otherwise noted), concrete, vegetation, trees (unless otherwise noted), underground amenities and site improvements (to include removal of concrete slabs and foundations on properties as applicable), for the property listed under the Site Information portion of this Invitation for Bids.

MINOR Asbestos abatement is required where the associated asbestos survey shows the existence of asbestos. Asbestos Abatement shall include proper removal, transportation and disposal, with a post-job write-up reflecting these actions. Additionally, Lead Surveys have been performed, indicating whether lead was found to be present or not, and if so, whether it was above or below the regulatory levels. The presence of lead in construction debris has the potential to impose limitation on where and how the debris may be Disposed. Please perform a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for lead, to determine the amount of leachable lead present, and keep the results of the TCLP on hand for Agency review. It is the responsibility of the demolition company to be responsible for all required abatement and disposal necessary, of asbestos and lead-based materials. Unless otherwise indicated, all asbestos and lead surveys are available for viewing at the CRA office or can be emailed upon request.

Signed price quotes for the services requested by Tuesday April 5th 2022 by 3pm.

To obtain this document in its entirety, please call 561-493-2550 or Click Here to email your request.
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