HATCH 1121
1121 Lucurne Ave.
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 6:00 P.M.



The Recording Secretary called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m. on the above date at HATCH 1121, Lake Worth, Florida.

Present were CRA Members Brendan Lynch, Chris Pettit, Brent Whitfield, Mark Rickards, Leah Foertsch & John Paxman.
Also present was CRA Director, Joan Oliva



Action: Motion was made by Mr. Pettit to reorder VI a to VI b making VI b to VI a seconded by Mr. Paxman.

Vote: All Ayes


a. Second Extension of Public Infrastructure Grant Agreement – The One
b. Purchase & Sale- Property at 17th Avenue North City of Lake Worth Beach

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Pettit to approve the consent agenda seconded by Mr. Paxman.

Vote: All ayes


a. Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso (REORDERED)
Vice Mayor Amoroso gave updates to the Board on the following items:
2020 Census- we need to make sure that everyone is counted
Bike Share- City is moving forward. Vice Mayor asked that Staff and the Board support this initiative as well
Thanked the CRA for the wayfinding, garbage cans and benches.
We need to discuss what to do when the CRA sunsets in 2031

b. Oak Lane Partners LLC- Property Update (REORDERED)
Bhavin Shaw of Oakland Partners gave a property update on 1013 Lucerne Avenue &1000 Lake Avenue. Mr. Shaw stated that there are 40 employees working out of 1013 Lucerne Avenue. The partners are working towards a site plan that includes 1000 Lake Avenue.


a. Commercial Façade Grant Application- 414 North G Street

Unfortunately, the applicant was not present to answer questions in regards to the project and the grant application. Subsequently, the CRA Board suggested this item be tabled until the May meeting because the applicant was not present to answer any questions.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Pettit to table this item until the CRA’s upcoming Board meeting Mr. Paxman.

Vote: All ayes

b. New Logo Design- Approve Costs
In 2016, the CRA hired the O’Donnell Agency to design way-finding signage that will be placed Citywide. Earlier this year, installation of the signs that are not on FDOT right-of-ways began because that agency must review the new sign changes due to the adding of the word “Beach.” Late in 2019, CRA Staff hired the Agency to help with two important projects. One is the redesign of CRA-run web and social media sites, the marketing of these sites to gain a larger audience and the incorporation of the new designs from the signs into our everyday marketing including our letterhead, business cards etc.
The second project includes the implementation of a key strategy listed in the new Downtown Arts and Culture Plan created by Lord Consulting with the assistance of the CRA, City and Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. The strategy includes updating the current brand of the City, implementation of a multi-channel marketing effort and increase the effectiveness of the current communications effort around the promotion of the arts and downtown.

To date the CRA Staff, working with the O’Donnell Agency completed or are close to completing the following:
• new letterhead, stationary, business cards and newsletter template
• several new web page designs and improvements
• new name and logo for HATCH 1121
• a mural map
• downtown window clings (for vacant storefronts)
• new postcard designs
• social media advertising

CRA Staff would also like to hire the O’Donnell agency to design a new logo for the CRA that complements the new way-finding signage and adds “Beach” to the name. Approval from the Board is needed because the Executive Directors spending limit is $15K. With the added task of logo development, costs will exceed that amount by approximately $6K.
Staff requested the Board approve the increase of the funds used from the advertising budget to cover additional tasks requested from the O’Donnell Agency.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Paxman to increase the funds in the amount of $6K from the advertising budget to create a new logo for the CRA seconded by Mr. Pettit.

Vote: All ayes


a. Congressional Art Competition
b. Great Give 2019
c. Cultural Renaissance Foundation Annual Meeting-May 14 @530 PM

John Paxman- Echoed the thoughts for Madlyn.
Mark Rickards- No comment.
Brent Whitfield- No comment.
Leah Foertsch- No comment.
Christopher Pettit- I have been given an opportunity in Tallahassee in my area of passion and focus. This has been a difficult and emotional family decision because we love Lake Worth and the CRA Board. We love being active in this community but something has come along in my career that we just can’t say no to. I’ve treasured the time that I have had on the Board and the decisions that I have had the chance to make. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it.
Brendan Lynch- I congratulate you on your new position. The event this morning was great. We have a lot of interest in Lake Worth Beach. Many good things are happening in the City right now.

Meeting adjourned at 6:46 p.m.

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